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The parties

The parties

Posted by AV Flox on Sep 19th 2016

It only takes one minute of browsing the Secret app to see that a lot more people than you ever imagined enjoy attending sex parties. And there is always that sad commenter, too, somewhere in the thread, asking, "where are these sex parties?" whose question will forever go unanswered. That will never be you -- you know the places to go no matter what major hub you find yourself in. But maybe next time, if you're feeling charitable, you'll give that commenter this list:

Twist is a private sex party that happens every Friday and Saturday in San Francisco that bills itself as a positive, non-threatening space for couples and swingers to explore sexual pleasure in a safe, discreet and non-judgmental way. Attendees can come to participate or simply observe -- organizers take great pride in their no-pressure code of conduct that puts consent at the forefront of all experience. To get an invite, all you need to do is contact the organizers.

Behind Closed Doors are pop-up invitation-only sex parties that unfold in secret locations all over Manhattan, from tony penthouses to posh lofts. Admission is open to couples and single women. To get in on the fun, you need to fill out an application and submit a photograph -- but don't worry if you don't think you're a perfect 10. While organizers work hard to buck the stereotype of swinging couples as unattractive, looks are not the only thing they're looking for in attendees. Single guys can check out SiN, a monthly event from the same organizers that is open to couples, single women and single men -- but only if they're willing to get down.

Sanctum is a members-only club in Beverly Hills where things are known to get more than a little bit dirty. To get in, you need to apply and submit three photographs. Don't be surprised if you hear back from organizers with very specific instructions as to what not to wear. As a general rule, you can expect men to be in tuxedos or black suits and women in evening wear or lingerie. Masks are mandatory. It's all part of the fun, which, while committed to offering a little something for everyone, is unambiguously slanted toward the male-as-dominant, woman-as-submissive dynamic.

Image Credit: Celia Chamizo