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Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City 2nd Edition

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Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City is an award-winning guidebook written for the ''Sex & the City'' generation of independent, empowered women. Informative, intelligent and entertaining, this guide helps you discover the hidden pleasures of the City of Light, with insider tips on planning a sexy getaway in Paris, whether you're traveling as a couple, with the ladies, or on a solo adventure of your own.

First released in 2008, this completely revised, improved and expanded second edition with 352 pages and 295 photos includes:

  • How Parisian women embrace pleasure and beauty in their everyday lives
  • How to flirt like a local and decode French pick-up lines
  • Intimate hotels and packing tips to set the scene for seduction 
  • The best Parisian fashion boutiques, beauty salons, and perfume shops
  • Lessons in pole dance, striptease, pastry-making, or finding your personal style
  • Erotic museums, art galleries, and book shops to get you in the mood
  • Female-owned boutiques specializing in naughty toys, lingerie and fetishwear
  • Drinking, dining, and afternoon tea recommendations for couples or solo ladies
  • The best clubs and cocktail bars for mingling with the locals
  • Kinky cabarets, burlesque shows, and masked costume balls
  • An introductory peek into swingers' clubs, fetish parties and couples-only partiesUseful vocabulary and detailed resources for finding more information

Naughty Paris is made with high-quality matte paper, heavy cardstock for the cover, traditional offset printing methods, and sturdy Smyth-sewn binding. The second edition is ''100% Made in France'', printed by a family-owned, certified green printer using only non-toxic, vegetable-based inks and paper from sustainably harvested trees. You get a book that looks great, feels good, and respects the planet.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • 295 color photos
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 2953187057
  • ISBN-13: 978-2953187052

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