P.2 Silicone Ring


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Lasting longer? Stimulating the P spot? Rocking his world? 

The P.2 promises all that and more. Made of 100% medical grade silicone, it's worn around the penis and testicles contributing to a fuller erection. It may also (your mileage may vary...) delay orgasm by encouraging blood to stay in an erect penis.

The extension is angled at 61 degrees in order to gently push up against the perineum, also known as the male g-spot. The silicone is quite firm, but sufficiently elastic to stretch a little extra. You know, because that needs to happen sometimes... This, combined with its design and incredibly smooth surface makes the P.2 a treat to wear. Versatile as it is, it may also be worn differently providing other sensations - be creative and leave some reviews with tips!