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Olivia, Arousing Nipple Gel

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All Natural Kissable Arousing Nipple Cream.

Lovely yet provocative is the perfect way to describe Olivia. She truly appreciates the beauty in the female form and embraces her own femininity. She is sensual and sexy, and appears to always have a secret concealed behind her lips. Olivia’s arousing nipple cream is divine and stimulating, and leaves one always wanting more.

  • Natural ingredients
  • 100% edible, aphrodisiacal flavors
  • Enriches sensation when massaged onto the breast
  • Stimulates taste buds and the breast for an electrifying experience

3 kissable flavors:

  • Mint Chocolate, the distinct flavor of smooth cocoa butter with light mint undertones
  • Forbidden Fruit, a fine blend of pomegranate, Asian pear and berry
  • Anise, a sexual stimulant that raises the libido and extends performance