Ride Dude Lube Cube Water-Based 12 pk


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Everyone deserves a great RIDE! Whether you prefer a long, hard or smooth ride, this formula will help you stay in the saddle all night long! Ride Dude Lube Water Based is an ultra-thick and rich water-based gel, designed to stay in place, and not move until you let go of the reins! Safe to use with ANY toy, Ride Dude Lube Water Based is glycerin and paraben free, and made of the purest quality ingredients available. Formulated with the highest quality ingredients and branded with a bold, masculine image, Ride makes getting off even better. Designed specifically with men in mind, Ride Dude Lube is an exciting line of personal lubricants from Sliquid. Long lasting and affordably priced, Ride Dude Lube Water Based is perfect for any bucking bronco! Whether you're with a partner, or going solo, Ride is the lubricant you've been looking for. Ride Water Based is vegan, glycerin free, hypoallergenic, latex, rubber & plastic friendly and non-staining. ....Cowboy UP!