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Ride Saddle Bag Cube 12pk

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This 12-pack sampler contains four different lubes including: Dude Lube Silicone: a carefully crafted blend of silicones that creates a super slick and luxurious Ride, perfect for dude on dude, or any solo; Dude Lube Water Based: formulated to be the cleanest lubricant on the market, this thick, gel based lubricant is the luxurious liquid you have been looking for; Ride Dude Lube Silk: a hybrid formula that's perfect for more longevity than a water based lubricant, but requires less clean up than with a silicone lubricant; Ride Rub Stroke Oil: formulated with silky smooth natural nut and seed oils, and blended with super slick silicone, Ride Rub Stroke Oil is a cowboy's best friend but should not be used with latex.