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Double Hole Cup

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Tenga offers two for one in the innovative Double Hole Cup. The ""sweet side"" gently clings, while the ""bitter side"" firmly tightens. Each sleeve is completely separate for hygenic performance. Enter through the Smooth Pad insertion mechanism on either side, but that's where the experiences diverge. On the ""sweet side"" you will go through a vigorous Bumpy Zone before being gently enveloped. Then, glide through the Reverse Protuberances before a stimulating retreat. On the ""bitter side"" the Step Zone offers gradually increasing sensations before reaching strong constriction. The Tenga Double Hole Cup is disposable and is designed for single (or in this case double) use.Size: 66 x 66 x 155mmWeight 213gHygenicBody safeRecyclableåÊ