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Flip Hole Black

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TENGA is revolutionizing male pleasure items. Created with the grand ambition of bringing sexuality to the forefront, for everyone to enjoy, TENGA is the future. The Flip Hole Black provides invigorating stimulation with dynamic elasticity. Double-layered, accentuated three-dimensional details such as the waving ball, brushing edge, and cross wall rhythmically arouse. The Flip Hole Black also features the TENGA standard One-Hand Control Pad and is easy to clean and dry for hygienic use. Each TENGA Flip Hole comes with sample sizes of Mild, Real and Wild lotions to customize your experience. May be re-used up to 50 times.

  • Size: 85 x 68 x 175mm
  • Hygienic - easy to clean and dry
  • One-Hand Control Pad
  • Mild, Real and Wild lotion samples