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The bespoke precious metal JCobra by Velv'Or represents Velvet & Vigor, the stages of the life of the penis. Velv comes from Velvet, meaning soft. Or comes from Vigor meaning hard. Velv'Or also represents a touch of style. åäÛÏWithout style one can get far in life, but with style one can move mountains and create something people will adore and remember for a lifetime.åä JCobra is the only oval shaped, ergonomically bent, precious metal gentleman's ring available. In addition to style, JCobra also has sexual health benefits. A gentleman can wear it throughout the day, massaging his perineum. During intimacy, the JCobra places the right amount of pressure on the perineum which results in a harder erection and stronger ejaculation.JCobra is offered in a .999 Fine Silver version, solid yellow 18 or 24 carat gold, solid platinum or plated, with or without pave set diamonds. All bespoke precious metal versions hold a pearl, meant to increase the self-confidence of the wearer while enhancing his mental faculties. JCobra is available by Special Order and is delivered within 8 weeks.

Note: All prices are estimates. Due to the fluctuating price of precious metals, Velv'Or is unable to give a fixed price for the JCobra. Pricing will be provided upon request based upon the market rate on the date of purchase. Please call for final pricing as you require.