Olivia's Boudoir CBD Massage Candle 100mg 7oz - Surrender

Olivia's Boudoir

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Drift between the setting sun and the coming twilight with soothing CBD infused with Olivia's dreamy essential oils blend of Lavender, Rose, Tangerine and Orange.

The nutrient-rich soy, coconut & olive oils enriched with CBD contained in this body massage candle will soften, hydrate & add a light fragrance to the skin.

Allow the candle to melt to the outer edge of the glass, while the soothing scent swirl through the air. Extinguish the flame and slowly pour onto your partner for a sensual and seductive massage. CBD mg100. Made in USA. 

Ingredients: Nutrient-rich Soy, Olive & Coconut oils, CBD 

High temperatures create a higher probability of melting in shipment during the months of June-September.

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