In Pieces 1

Terry Hinkle

$125.00 - $200.00
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This is the first in a series of Mixed Media pastel nudes where I created 3 to 5 versions of the same nude and then tore pieces off of each version to put back together in layers to form one nude. I really enjoy this process.

ORIGINAL: 8x8 - $200.00 USD Plus Shipping

PRINTS: 12 – 12x12 Signed and Numbered Prints on museum quality, heavy archival watercolor paper - $ 125.00 USD Plus Shipping 

From the Artist: My pastels are from photo reference, some sent by clients and photographers for me to use. I usually start with a pencil and marker base drawing and sometime with watercolor or colored pencils. I scan the original where I work with brightness and contrast, plus maybe a filter, and then print it out onto the paper I want and finally finish with chalk pastels and pencils. Read more...